ACS Full Form / Whats is ACS

Today we are going to give you some important information related to ACS like – What is ACS, Full Form of ACS, What is ACS called in Hindi, Mission od ACS etc.

ACS Full Form

“American Chemical Society”

ACS Full Form In Hindi

“अमेरिकी रासायनिक समाज”

What is ACS

The ACS is the world’s largest scientific society and a leading source of reliable scientific information. ACS is an organization that seeks to improve the lives of people through the transforming power of chemistry. Currently, ACS has its headquarters in Washington.

ACS is a Professional Home for Professionals in the Leading and Chemists of Chemistry Enterprise worldwide.

Mission of ACS

The mission of ACS is to continuously advance the wider chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of people and the earth. ACS is a very visionary and dynamic organization, which aims to improve people through the changing power of chemistry.

What ACS Do

  • ACS publishes scientific journals and databases.
  • This organization organizes major research conferences.
  • Provides educational and career programs in chemistry.
  • ACS provides grants for research in petroleum and related fields.
  • Provides grants for research in petroleum and related fields.
  • Sponsors a number of international activities such as joint conferences with chemical societies

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