ADIDAS Full Form / What is ADIDAS

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ADIDAS Full Form

“Adolf Adi Dassler”

ADIDAS Full Form In Hindi

“एडोल्फ आदि डस्लर”

What is ADIDAS

ADIDAS का मतलब है एडॉल्फ “आदि” डैस्लर जो की इस कंपनी के संस्थापक का नाम हैं . यह एक Multinational Company है जो प्रीमियम गुणवत्ता वाले खेल के जूते, खेल परिधान और अन्य खेल उपकरण और सहायक एक्सेसरीज बनाती और डिजाइन करती है . एडिडास का मुख्यालय हेर्ज़ोजेनोरैच, जर्मनी मे स्थित है.

History of ADIDAS

  • Adidas was founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler
  • Adolf Dassler made his first shoe at age 20 in 1920
  • Rudy-Eddy founded the Dassler Brothers Shoe Company in 1924
  • Adolf Dassler in the mid-1930s Created 30 different shoes for eleven different sports with a workforce of about 100 employees.
  • Adolf Dassler once again had to start his business after World War II
  • In 1947, he started with 47 workers and made the first post-war boots using canvas and rubber from American fuel tanks
  • Year 1948, He introduced the brand Adidas as his company name
  • Adolf Dassler registered a three-stripe mark as a trademark of Adidas in 1949
  • 199 At 5 the company went public with its stock.

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