CCTV Full Form / What is CCTV

Today, we will tell you about CCTV and will try to give you some important information related to it in this article. Nowadays CCTV has started being used almost everywhere, you must have seen and heard it many times but do you know – what is CCTV, Full Form of CCTV, what is CCTV called in Hindi.

CCTV Full Form

“Closed Circuit Television”

CCTV Full Form in Hindi

“क्लोज सर्किट टेलीविज़न”

What is CCTV

Full form of CCTV is – Closed Circuit Television. CCTV is a camera used for surveillance. It is used in some place which is a sensitive area which needs to be monitored. All its recordings are saved in the computer hard drive. Through this, you can also see the location where CCTV is installed live and you can also watch the saved video in the computer’s hard drive later if needed.

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