EDGE Full Form/ What is EDGE

Today’s article, we will give you information about EDGE. What is EDGE, Full Form of EDGE, what is EDGE called in Hindi.

EDGE Full Form

“Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution”

EDGE Full Form in Hindi

“जीएसएम विकास के लिए बढ़ी हुई डाटा दर” 

What is EDGE

Full Form of EDGE – Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution. EDGE This is an advanced version of GSM that provides higher data transmission rates than GSM. EDGE is capable of sending three times more Bits than GPRR at the same length.

EDGE is the “add-on” of GPRS. EDGE cannot work alone. Technically EDGE provides a speed of 384kbps which is much higher than the data rates of GPRS. But the industry is labelled as 2.75G.

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