HR Full Form / What is HR

Often you must have heard the name of HR, be it any small or big company, but it is definitely possible to hear it, so today I am going to give you some important information related to HR such as – What is HR, Full Form of HR, what are their work Are etc.

HR Full Form

“Human Resources”

HR Full Form In Hindi

“मानव संसाधन”

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What is HR

HR is a group of people in any company or organization, which is called HR department. The term HR i.e. Human Resources was first used in the 1960s. The job of HR department is to make necessary arrangements for the employees, workers. The HR company has the responsibility of hiring and caring for the employees.

In this, the person who handles the management tasks is called HRM.

Responsibilities of HR

  • Staff appointment Managing
  • Employee benefits and compensation
  • Make and maintain HR policies
  • Participation in planning and development work

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