MD Full Form / What is MD

Today we will know about some important information related to MD like – What is MD, Full Form of MD, What is the full name of MD in Hindi etc.

1: MD Full Form

“Doctor of Medicine”

MD Full Form In Hindi

“स्नतकोत्तर चिकित्सक या दवाओं का शिक्षक” 

What is MD

Doctor of Medicine is the full form of MD in the field of medicine. The term MD is originally derived from the Latin word “Mediccinae Doctor”. Which means “healer of medicine”. MD is the greatest degree in the field of medicine. The MD course is completed in 3 years

2: MD: Managing Director

MD in the company is full form: Managing Director. In some companies, MD is also called CEO or ED. CEO is used in American English and MD is used in British English. An MD is the most senior officer of any company.

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Other MD Full Form

  1. Multi Degree
  2. Master of Disguise
  3. Machine Dependent
  4. Marketing Director
  5. Media Division
  6. Metaphysical Doctor

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