NPA Full Form / What Is NPA

Today we will know here about the important information related to NPA, like – NPA Full Form, what is NPA, How many type of NPA.

NPA Full Form

Non Performing Asset

NPA Full Form IN Hindi

NPA का हिंदी में पूरा नाम

“गैर निष्पादित परिसम्पत्तियाँ”

What is NPA

NPA is also known as Bad Loan. NPA means Non Performing Asset, which is known by the name that it is not profitable. This means that those assets which are no longer of any use. Meaning that the loan of the bank cannot be repaid, it is called assets in the banking term.

We understand this in simple terms. When anyone takes a loan from a bank and does not deposit its interest for 3 months, ie 90 days, then the bank declares that loan as NPA. Which is not expected to meet.

Type of NPA

  1. Substandard Assets
  2. Doubtful Assets
  3. Loss Assets

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